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Mindful Path, LLC

Infini Divine LED Body Device

Infini Divine LED Body Device

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The Divine LED Face & Body Device is designed to improve the look of your skin by directly targeting scars, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and more using low-frequency light therapy that penetrates under the top layers of the skin. No prescriptions, medications, injections, or surgery—just safe, natural wavelengths of highly effective, proven light therapy.

Select from 5 modes that targets signs of aging and damaged skin cells:
— Red LED renews skin by increasing cellular turnover and boosting collagen production to diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin density.
— Blue LED combats acne-causing bacteria, balances sebum activity, and minimizes breakouts. This is especially useful for oily skin types.
— Green LED light targets discoloration to reverse signs of UV damage, dark spots, and even calm inflammation,
— Yellow LED stimulates circulation to minimize redness, puffiness, and inflammation from temporary irritations such as excess sun, burns, scrapes.
— Purple LED assists with healing by stimulating circulation, minimizing inflammation, lifting sagging skin, and erasing the appearance of dark spots.


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